Lee’s Story

In 2011,  after a 25 year break from horses I was blessed to have the opportunity to be with these wonderful creatures again. I am someone who loves the company of horses and respects horses for who they are; I just love to be with them.
When I was growing up I wanted to find a different approach to being and working with horses, but little was known or even discussed about natural horsemanship then. So, as an adult and having been given a second chance, I was determined to follow a path of coexistence that was loving, gentle and compassionate. I wanted a true partnership with my horse!
However, trying to find someone who understood what I was hoping to achieve and to assist me in getting there was not an easy task.
Fortunately for my horses and I, the Universe heard our call and provided us with an opportunity to meet Kailie Nott and from that moment onwards all of our lives have been changed irrevocably.
To say that Kailie has had a huge impact on the on our lives would be somewhat of an understatement.
To talk about everything that Kailie has helped us with would take an entire book, but her teachings can be applied as much to life in general as to being with horses and in this way she assists the human as much as the horse to meet and communicate together in peaceful and harmonious communion.
Personally, Kailie has shown me how to listen with all my senses and the importance of trusting my intuition and gut instinct so that I can hear (feel) what my horses are attempting to communicate with me. I have learnt to let go of time and expectations and allow our journey to unfold in the most authentic and organic way. In doing this, our journey together has become joyous and beautiful .
We watch and marvel together as we all grow.
For my horses, Kailie has shown me how to build their confidence so that they can have input to their own development and what we do together. I love watching them grow in confidence and I can feel their inner happiness and sense of accomplishment.
I believe that through Kailie’s mentoring, my horses have become empowered to be who they truly are and to me that is so very important. By learning to open up this dialogue there are times when the energy transference between us is one of divine resonance. What a wonderful gift!
Kailie is a true horse listener.
Her knowledge and wisdom of all things horses is exceptional. We can’t thank her enough for assisting us in finding peace and joy through a dance of loving energy.
Lee, Tyske and Manus