How I help clients

What sort of changes have other people and horses made with Kailie’s help?

This is a short list of just a few of the types of changes Kailie has overseen:
Horses of all ages and floating histories have learnt to confidently self load and travel calmly
Nervous horses have become more confident, trusting and co-operative
Nervous riders have become braver through a better understanding of their horse and with the acquisition of more skills to handle them
Riders learn to sit with balance, suppleness and in control of their bodies so that their horse can move with balance, suppleness and in control. Students get noticed for their good riding and their good horses (the result of the knowledge, skills and understanding the riders develop).

Many mischievous ponies have become willing due to the skills development their young riders
Horses inclined to trip (not due to health problems) stop tripping
The horse the farrier couldn’t trim became co-operative after one short lesson with Kailie
Students learn skills and strategies for coping safely with undesirable situations.

Horses become more supple and capable through the appropriate exercises executed correctly, without force, and at the level horse and rider are ready for. An example of this was the transformation in one year of a stiff hunter who became a supple hunter, safer and more capable on the hunting field . This horse changed due to correct flatwork and amazed the massage practitioner who had not seen this horse during the year.
Numerous non-jumpers, that tripped over poles on the ground, have become functional jumpers.
There was a nice horse who ridden to the point of becoming a bolting hunter before he was purchased by a student. With Kailie’s help the student re-educated him to hunt in a halter before helping him learn to accept the bit again.

Riding horses position themselves for mounting, whether from the ground, fence or mounting block, and stand quietly until the rider is ready for them to move.
People get positive changes faster from their subsequent horses due to having a clear idea of the why’s, what to’s and how-to’s.

A mistrusting stallion transformed from pushing through, or running away from his human, to willingly following her on walks without needing any physical leads, sticks or whips.
The horse that was scared to leave the familiar areas of his property now stands at the paddock gate willing the owner to take him out for a ride or walk
The herd-bound and home bound horse developed enough confidence in his rider to walk away from home alone, with more enthusiasm going out than returning

The Gydle has helped riders have confidence to hold the contact (without worrying about hurting the horse) and show the horse how to position itself so that it can balance and move more freely. These horses have become calmer, more elevated and fluid and more enjoyable to ride. The horse’s expression becomes soft and relaxed.
Riders do dressage (including lateral work), jumping, starting youngsters, Western Pleasure training and trail riding successfully in the Gydle.
One quarter Horse owner/breeder starts all her horses kindly and patiently, and with the Gydle rather than a bit. Her horses are all relaxed and confident and able to listen their person in new situations, which helped one young mare win first place in her first competition
Horses follow their humans around, even lie down with them